Our "SOFT LAUNCH" begins MAY 10/2022: $400,000 available for referring others. "Create a referral code and GO, GO, GO"


Meet the Trio

There are 3 major components to our enterprising business. *SURE SALE INC (USA/CAN) *PAIDSHOPPING (USA/CAN) *XURE TOKENS (WorldWide)
1. SURE SALE INC offers a creative alternative to the regular advertising techniques of today. We provide a service which guarantees delivery of paying customers to almost any business. The beauty of our system allows a business to acquire customers ON DEMAND with a guaranteed delivery. SureSale does not charge for leads. We charge a very small fee when an actual sale is made. Would your business need an extra 5 or 100 or 1000 paying customers/clients this month? 2. PAIDSHOPPING is a futuristic shopping method which pays to use it and provides special cash-backs and discounts up to 100% of the purchase price. Yes, you may get your purchase for free! (up to $10,000) Connect to our online assistant and make a request or just describe a problem, then seemingly by magic you will be connected to the appropriate business. It is not available yet but go and help us train our assistant, go to menu, click "Help us train" 3. XURE TOKENS have a multipurpose usage, such as providing catalyst for development, transactional usage for our Merchants and much more. Read our WhitePaper for more detail to our amazing trio of businesses.


Beginning MAY 10/2022 Grab your share: $400,000 available for referring others Tell others about XURE TOKENS and get rewarded. Please read the information before creating code.
XURE TOKENS allows a person to create their own custom referral code. It will be associated with the email address provided while creating the code. When the time arrives, you will need access to the email address to collect referral earnings. When someone adds your referral code to the order for XURE TOKENS, you will be rewarded and so will the buyer. Share your referral code with others... It pays! What do you get? For helping us grow, we have a special reward. A special earnings pool will be set aside which pays the equivalent of C$20 for every lot of 500 XURE tokens purchased using your referral code. Example: If a person adds your referral code when purchasing 1000 XURE tokens, you are eligible to receive C$40 Payout Note: A fee of approximately $5 will be applied per withdrawal. The buyer gets something too! If the person making the purchase includes a valid referral code we will add additional 10% XURE TOKENS to the order. Make sure to let them know before they buy. It pays to use a referral code! Self referrals are NOT allowed and will be removed from the special pool earnings. This special referral offer may end at anytime without notice as seen fit by SURE SALE INC. Once sold out this offer will be concluded and further referrals will not be honored under it's terms. REFERRAL EARNINGS WILL BE CALCULATED AFTER OUR LAUNCH AND THE PAYMENTS ARE CONTINGENT ON INCOME FROM THE SUCCESS OF SURE SALE INC.


Buy before they're gone! Currently XURE TOKENS are at extreme discounts and include Special Bonus Vouchers
Current payment options: We accept Credit Cards, Crypto-currency & Interac e-Transfers All PURCHASES ARE FINAL and CANNOT BE REFUNDED. The nature of our referral program will not permit refunds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break free from the usual restraints and limits of the current Shopping & Advertising methods. We will do it better with the intent to change the entire industry and provide amazing results for our clients & users. Creating employment is high priority: Our business model requires the employment of multitudes of individuals. The plan to create a huge "work from home opportunity" will go hand in hand as we approach the launch date. We are Pumped!
SURE SALE INC was incorporated in 2019 and is the parent of PAIDSHOPPING and XURE TOKENS. We have ambitious targets to reach. We are aiming for a launch date early 2023. While we have much completed, there is still much to do. Take a look at our WhitePaper, then try out our Shopping assistant. If you like what you see.... Join us by purchasing some XURE.

WhitePaper (section_1)

SURE SALE INC: Created to pave a new way for Businesses to find paying Customers.
Our uniquely designed concept delivers increased sales volume by providing the business with guaranteed paying customers at an affordable rate. FEATURES & BENEFITS Check this out... SURE SALE does not charge Merchants for "so called" leads. A business only pays a small fee when a real sale is made. Pay only for real Customers, NOT leads. A business will be able to increase sales volume by requesting paying customers. SURE SALE INC will guarantee delivery of additional paying customers while keeping the cost at only a small fee per sale, therefore a substantial saving is realized compared to conventional advertising. A business will have the ability to increase their sales volume whenever required, because of our ON DEMAND function. The longer they use our platform the more sales volume we can provide. We won't reveal all our secrets at this moment as competitors/imitators may be lurking around. We will update progress as it unfolds. SURE SALE INC services for business will initially be available to Canada and USA. People in other parts of the world may participate by purchasing XURE TOKENS. ...END OF SECTION_1...

WhitePaper (section_2)

PaidShopping: Start shopping, get paid, even if you don't buy anything.
It's NOT called "Paid Buying" What's in a name? "PAIDSHOPPING" As our name implies, we will send money for just shopping with us, even if you don't buy anything and it's completely free to use. FEATURES & BENEFITS It is simple and very cool to shop with us. Communicate with our Assistant and get connected with the appropriate business. Yes, it's that easy! If you decide to make a purchase from our Merchants, you will receive discounts and cash back. If no purchase is made, we still reward you with cash. Get the best of both worlds! Special cash-back & discounts apply. Receive up to 100% cash-back when shopping with us. Yes, it means, you may get it for free! (up to $10,000) PaidShopping has one of the best referral programs ever created. Refer and earn. When a person you referred shops on PaidShopping (even if they don't buy) you both are paid cash. We feel our referral program is absolutely unmatched and will assure massive growth of PaidShopping. The initial launch of PaidShopping will be to Canada and USA. All payments will be handled through the services of "Wagepoint" They will provide income documentation and handle all required reporting to Canadian/USA tax authorities. All participants of PaidShopping must be a Canadian or American citizen and possess a valid bank account. People in other parts of the world may participate by purchasing XURE TOKENS. ...END OF SECTION_2...

WhitePaper (section_3)

XURE TOKENS: Purchase...Participate...Prosper
Only 34 million minted. The first 10 million will be sold at extreme discounts with a Special Bonus Voucher attached. See our Store for pricing discounts and Voucher information. There will be options available for holders of XURE TOKENS. The two main options are: 1. After SURE SALE website is completed, participants will be granted access to do various tasks in our "Care Area" for collecting Bonus Voucher benefits. This option will activate Voucher to receive the guaranteed payment. Earnings will commence after launch and dependent on success of business. 2. After SURE SALE website is completed, participants can apply tokens in our "Care Area" to earn a passive income. A person will be entertained by our unique concept of staking tokens. Enjoy yourself deciding which staking area of SURE SALE provides the best opportunity. It will keep you coming back time after time to check things out. (it's great fun!) "Grab a bunch while they're cheap" This option will commence immediately after the completion of option 1 and dependent on success of business. A person is permitted to hold tokens with multiple types of Vouchers. Example: (Hold any combination and quantities of $195, $520, $975, $1560 Vouchers) Please note the Vouchers value is equivalent to Canadian dollars. ESTIMATE ON EARNINGS: SURE SALE INC is the revenue machine which operates PAIDSHOPPING & XURE TOKENS. It is estimated 10% of revenue coming from our Merchants will be issued to XURE TOKENS purposes. We are extremely confident in these projects and feel revenues can become outstanding. The speed of how we arrive depends on power of the people. It is almost certain the PAIDSHOPPING business will have tremendous and rapid growth, as we have incorporated an amazing referral program. This will create monetary growth for SURE SALE INC. Purchasing of XURE tokens can be made by residents of any country that are accepted by our Store payment gateway. If outside of Canada/USA earnings will be sent in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin etc. There may be a tax-liability withholding on earnings sent using cryptocurrency. The laws and regulations are changing and we will abide by these as required. If you are a Canadian or American citizen, earnings will be sent directly to bank account through "Wagepoint" services. ALTHOUGH WE ARE CONFIDENT IN THE SUCCESS, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND... AS ALWAYS THERE ARE RISKS INVOLVED WHEN PARTICIPATING IN NEW VENTURES. WHAT WE ARE SAYING IS "SUCCESS ARRIVES ONLY WHEN IT ARRIVES" "As our business develops, it could be necessary to alter or change some strategies. We hope to keep the ship steering on a true course, but we also fully expect to make course corrections as required."... Management
XURE TOKENS accepting participants world wide except from these countries/states: Country AFGHANISTAN ALGERIA AMERICAN SAMOA BANGLADESH BELARUS BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA CAMBODIA CONGO CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC CÔTE D'IVOIRE CUBA ERITREA IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAQ JORDAN LAO PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC LEBANON LIBERIA LIBYA MYANMAR NEPAL NIGERIA NORTH KOREA (DPRK) PALESTINE, STATE OF QATAR RUSSIAN FEDERATION SOMALIA SUDAN SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC UGANDA VANUATU VENEZUELA, BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF YEMEN ZIMBABWE (RHODESIA) Other conditions: States within the United States of America: New York (NY) cannot currently participate in the crypto-currency option, but will be able to participate in SURE SALE and PAID SHOPPING when launched, as payment options will include processing through bank accounts and not only crypto-currency. People from New York state are also able to earn by referring others. Grab a referral code and when people purchase XURE using it, we send earnings via bank accounts. (Contact us for clarity) ...END OF SECTION_3...


Help us train our XURE Assistant

Want to join our team?

Must be 18 years of age or older to participate. We are initially seeking the help of hundreds of people desiring to work for us from their homes. If you are in USA/CAN and fluent in English, we would love to chat with you.

Sharing Xure with others

Here is a little extra information
1. Make sure to include your referral code when telling people about us and remind them to include it when placing an order. They will receive 10% more! Your referral code is the one you created. It is all capital letters and 9 characters in length. 2. You are welcome to use the images if you wish. 3. Please do not spam or annoy people with this offer. 4. Once we have received a cleared payment from someone you referred a notification will be sent to you via email. You can then receive the monies with the options available for your Country.

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